Saturday, March 7, 2009

Café to 'desi lassi' of Rajasansi , AMRITSAR

A small township Rajasansi -, a residence of the erstwhile Sandhanwalia family situated at the Ajnala Pargana, 1 km northwest of Amritsar, on the Amritsar Ajnala Road. It was founded in the year 1570 A.D. by a Jat Raja of Sansi tribe, and hence named Rajasansi . The Sandhawalias - the rulers of Rajasansi - had built a palace --a majestic building of historical significance — known as Sandhanwalia Haveli now is proposed to be renovated as a tourist site . the township has three mosques, a temple, a tehsil building, a civil hospital and a sarai. The population of the village, as per the 2001 Census, is 12,200. The village has been the hub of handicrafts. Many artisans still weave carpets on handlooms in their houses. PHOTO BY RAJIV SHARMA CAFE TO "DESI LASSI" OF RAJASANSI UN takes Amritsar on world map, Rajasansi under its wing RASHMI TALWAR AMRITSAR (RAJASANSI) MARCH 2009------
Plush cushioned seating, ambience of ancient palaces are likely to convert into ultra-modern cafes intact with the old world charm of the Maharajas, if the central government 's ambitious plan of United Nations Development New Country Programme (UNDNCP) transforms into reality . The idea is to Combine Rajasansi's traditional with the modern for a complete experience of "Punjab" in true blue-blood royal luxury with cultural and historical snippets thrown in for an unforgettable experience by tourists from all corners of the world. If it be thus ---gossamer lights would highlight the kaleidoscope of multi-colored rich Phulkari tapestry , glistening unsheathed swords would share space with tiny dices that saw many a king wager his kingdom, delicate jingle of colored bangles combine with this the tall brass glasses of famous Punjabi yogurt or "desi lassi" to guests – and it is sure shot hit with tourists from world over . The state government selected the historical village of Rajasansi, about 11 km from the holy city of Amritsar, for the Central Government UNDNC Programme at an estimated cost of Rs 28 crore that is aimed for renovation of the old palace of Rajasansi, setting up of tourist information centres, kala Kendras for artisans, beautification of surroundings which include glow-illumination of historical buildings besides improving civic infrastructure . the proximity of the Rajasansi International Airport is an added advantage as it offers the weary passenger a breather that not only promises to relax but is feast for the eyes . Adapted from an article from The Tribune

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