Monday, May 18, 2009

Winnability factor of Women Power emerges in Punjab, Haryana

Rashmi Talwar
Patriarchal factors that have held back women in Punjab and Haryana (a part of Greater Punjab ) as a doormat for far too long, are now forced to take a close look at the fairer sex in a commanding role. Women scored a six out of seven in these two states making a clean sweep for the Member Parliamentary positions with the electorate of this Punjabi and Haryanvi belt firmly behind them.
It was a close call for Santosh Chaudhari (Cong) from Hoshiarpur who trounced the BJP’s Som Nath a bureaucrat turned politician with a margin of just 366. But a win it certainly was. In Patiala the might of the Shromani Akali Dal (SAD)was behind Badal Bahu Harsimarat Kaur Badal with her husband the deputy chief minister Sukhbir Badal , father –in-law Parkash Singh Badal and the whole of the political kin and clan of Badals camping in Bathinda . She has emerged with a whopping margin of 1,11,556 votes riding on the wave of “Nanhe Chaun” a politically motivated social cause for saving the girl child from femicide and the green cover of trees. She beat Raninder Singh son of former Chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh. But then it is no secret that the Badal family rules the roost and calls the shots as the ruling government in state , who blatantly used state machinery to bring another Badal to power.
Interestingly, both the lowest and highest margin win is by women candidates in Punjab.
On the other hand Parneet Kaur wife of Capt Amarinder Singh too bagged the coveted seat of Patiala with a rollicking margin of 97,389 defeating Prem Singh Chandumajra a two time MP. This is a hatrick by the erstwhile ‘Maharani’ of Patiala.
Parmjeet Kaur Gulshan (SAD)a lesser known candidate till she won in Faridkot also beat a hand –picked candidate of Rahul Gandhi-- Sukhwinder Singh Danny of congress. She shrugged off the outsider tag that followed her throughout her campaigning and convinced Faridkot that she was for them scoring a margin of 62,042 from her nearest rival.
Similarly in Haryana the petite Kumari Shelja (congress ) defeated Roshan Lal Kataria (BJP) in Ambala 14,570 while the refreshingly smart Shruti Chaudhary (cong) roared with a convincing margin to rub her rival in the dust Ajay Singh Chautala (INLD) son of three times former CM Hayana Om Parkash Chautala. She won by 73,097 from Bhiwani in Haryana.
However Sudha Yadav (BJP)from Gurgaon was the sole loser amongst the top candidates.……

Monday, May 11, 2009

Amritsar Bids tearful adieu to Bimla Dang

by Rashmi Talwar In the industrial township of Chheharta, every eye was moist at the demise of the Mother of this township--Veteran CPI leader and former MLA Bimla Dang. Bimla Wife of Satya Pal Dang, also a veteran CPI leader, died at a private hospital after a brief illness. She was 83.
The Dang couple, after their wedding in 1952, had decided not to have a child as they did not want any diversion from contributing to lead the people’s struggle and their welfare. Not once did Vimla Dang repent, instead, she poured affection on orphans.
Bimla an Alumni of Kinnard College, Lahore was awarded Padma Shri in 1998 for her contribution to the social welfare, Bimla, and Satya pal together fought many relentless battles for the cause of the downtrodden.
The Dang couple stood up to the terrorists as well. Even noted columnist Khushwant Singh paid tribute: “Satya Pal Dang and his wife Vimla Dang, nee Bakaya (sub-caste), lived in Chheharta, a suburban township near Amritsar, in the heat of the terrorism let loose by Bhindranwale supporters and protagonists of Khalistan. Not only did the Dangs refuse to seek sanctuary elsewhere, they made Chheharta an island of peace when most the state was in turmoil.” They took a principled stand against militancy in Punjab. She remained president of the Punjab Istri Sabha and took up the cause of women’s emancipation and 33 per cent reservation for women. She belonged to a Kashmiri Pandit family and graduated from Kinnard College for Women, Lahore, before shifting to Mumbai after Partition. She got married to Satya Pal in 1952 in Mumbai after she returned from Prague, where she represented India in the International Union of Students. After marriage, the couple shifted to Chheharta. They decided not to have a child as they did not want to divert their attention from people’s struggle. Though the couple led “underground” life during the British rule and both were entitled to Freedom Fighters’ Pension, they never claimed the same till date. The couple retired from the National Council of the CPI and decided not to contest the assembly elections with the plea that there must be an age limit for holding a political office. The contribution of Vimla in the social field was rated unparalleled as she had raised huge funds during the Bengal famine in 1945 and visited affected families. Dr Joginder Dyal said she was a woman with great conviction and fought for the downtrodden till the end of her life. In the 1965 war with Pakistan, Chheharta was heavily bombed on last day before the ceasefire. And Vimla Dang, recall old-timers, stood amidst the shambles in Chheharta Bazar to collect funds to cremate the bodies.
Supporters and senior Communist and local leaders reached the house of the Dang couple to pay homage to the departed leader. She was cremated in the Naraingarh crematorium. The pyre was lit by Anil Dang, a nephew of Satya Pal Dang. National general secretary, CPI, AB Bardhan, Dr Joginder Dayal, national executive member, CPI, Bhupinder Sambhar, state secretary, Mangat Ram Pasla, state secretary, CPM, Congress and BJP candidates for the Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency Om Parkash Soni and Navjot Singh Sidhu, respectively, and other senior Communist leaders attended the cremation.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is Gen Parvez Mushraff set for a return to head Pakistan ?

by saanjh By Rashmi Talwar Whatever Gen Parvez Musharaff was to Pakistan and whatever cowardly refuge he took by refusing to shed his uniform (small clothes change!) or India Bashing, he did IT to win ‘brownie’ points in his own country. He was most certainly walking a tight rope, as far as politics in his country was concerned. For India, he was the architect of the Kargil Misadventure and a petulant leader at the Agra Summit. His recent comments in the “India Today” organized Conclave saw the rug being pulled from right under his feet, when a muslim leader Mehmud Madani, member of Rajya Sabha and leader of Jamat-e-Ulema-i-Hind, bluntly told him to mind his own business as far as ‘Indian Muslims’ were concerned and take care of his own in Pakistan . Adding, “Indian Muslims are capable of handling their own problems and did not need either him or Pakistan to do so for them. Don’t try to play your politics of Pakistan from here” bullseye ! …it exposed Musharaff’s true intentions to be in India right on… Back home no one really cared how he was run over by the muslim community in India, in the widely televised “India Today Conclave”. For all his drawbacks and loud mouthed claims, what cannot be ignored is the fact that Musharaff as a martial ruler, tried to bring some veneer of balance for minority communities in a ‘highly’ theocratic state of Pakistan. During his regime2-million rupees were sanctioned to beautify the “Katasraj” Hindu Shrines in Chakwal district of Pakistan which suffered more from human anger than the rigors of time besides a long pending demand of cremation ground in Lahore for sikh and hindu community (hindus are almost negligible in Lahore) was accepted in addition to Christian community that got funds . Artists and theatre too flourished more freely. A beginning of the CBMs (Confidence Building Measures) with People to People contact between India and Pakistan started . No major terrorists strikes in Pakistan were seen duirng his regime other than two attempts on his (Musharaff’s)life and assassination of Benazir Bhutto ……that ultimately spelled doom for his political career. After the effects of emotional franchise brought ‘Mr 10 percent’ –Asif Zardari to power, came —-the Talibans! Major terrorist strikes, killings, rape, public floggings took place in Pakistan. Consequently, rallies of outrage against terrorism, high-handedness grew, fear psychosis has gripped Lahore and Punjab– the largest of the 4-provinces of Pakistan that also dominates the Political scene in Pakistan. Following this, perhaps people by and large in Pakistan are in a ‘mood-to-forgive’ Musharaff for his acts of omission and commission. The fact that minorities in Pakistan, though almost negligible in number, had barely started feeling a little comfort during Musharaff’s time while just a few months onto the Zardari regime, has overturned the goodwill and security; Moreso with manifold misery unleashed on them ….is just another factor, albeit, of very little consequence. At no time, has the alienation of minorities in Pakistan been as great as during the reign of the present incumbent. News of Sikh community members’ abduction and demands of “Jazia” a Tax Imposed on Non-Muslims living under Sharia law by Taliban of Orakzai Agency in FATA, has shocked the world. ‘Jazia’ a tax on non-Muslims was re-imposed by Aurangzeb after Akbar had abolished it. The unearthing of ‘Jazia’ from the grave by Taliban not only comes as a retreat into the medieval ages but a sharp slap to world sanity. The Orakzai Agency is one of seven tribal regions in Federally Administered Territory Area of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan which for months has been under control of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan. After this news, More than five hundred thousand Christians in NWFP province of Pakistan are in wave of fear of life and property. More than 5000 Pakistani Hindu families have recently migrated to India illegally after Zardari signed off SWAT to Taliban . The Hindus rather be jailed than return to NWFP and areas near Swat, where Taliban call the writ. The recent incident where Sikhs were targeted happened in areas of Qasim Khel and Feroz Khel in Orakzai Agency. More than 50 Sikh families were living here even before independence of Pakistan. The Sikhs were running small businesses of grocery stores and wholesale outlets in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan, when thousands of Sikh community members were forced to leave on Islamic Tax on Non-Muslims during Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 1999-2000. Only a few Sikh families remained here loyal to their religion while many others converted. In recent wave of Sharia law in Swat Valley, Malakand, Dir, and Kohistan Areas 200 Sikh families and 1000 Christian families were forced to leave on issue of Taxation “Jazia” to seek protection living in the Islamic state. In Orkzai Agency which is ruled by Taliban commander Hakeemullah Mehsud, homes of Sikhs were occupied by Taliban on failing to pay 50 million Rupees as Jazia. The Taliban kidnapped and tortured Sikh community leader Sardar Kalyan Singhand Sikhs collected and paid 7 million but failed to pay full amount on which they were driven out of Orakzai area of FATA. Later, it was reported that the extremists occupied houses and shops of the Sikhs in Qasim Khel and Feroz Khel areas of the Agency and auctioned their valuables for 0.8 million rupees. Earlier, the Taliban had also demolished houses belonging to the Sikh community in the region. Many of these sikh families have taken refuge in Nankana Sahib, Hasan Abdal , Panja Sahib , Dera Sahib and other Gurdwaras of Pakistan. The Taliban bombed Christian Schools in Swat Valley and forced thousands of Christians to convert to Islam or to pay Tax levied to Non-Muslims on which they migrated to Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. The Christians from Peshawar, Nowshera, Mardan, Sawabi and Charsadda districts of NWFP province have been already migrating to safer places in other areas with their relatives without any UNO or government of Pakistan assistance. On news of Sikhs migration from FATA, the Indian government strongly protested to Pakistan and asked to secure life and property of Sikh and Hindu religious minorities in Pakistan. Agitated Sikhs even burned effigies of Taliban in Amritsar. India took up with Pakistan the matter related to the treatment of minorities in that country in the wake of reports that Taliban had driven out Hindus from their homes and were demanding ‘jaziya’ (taxes) from them. Dr Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC commenting on issue of Sikhs and Hindus migration from FATA and Northern Areas of Pakistan appreciated stand of Indian government but expressed his disappointment on killing of Christians and mass migration of Christian families and silence of India and International forums to formally lodge protest with Pakistan. Be that, Pakistan’s refrain of taking up issue of minorities treatment in Pakistan by India, amounts to interference in the internal matter of the country. But, Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC reminds and clarifies that Pakistani Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and other minorities reserve right to invite India for their moral support according to “Liaquat-Nehru Pact” signed among neighboring states to protect rights of minorities in respective countries. In all this mele, there is not a word of empathy, for the plight of minorities in Pakistan, from anywhere in the country. A Pakistani civil officer aptly puts it “Minorities in Pakistan are of no consequence, they don’t register and their presence or absence means nothing.” No one in Pakistan, has gathered the guts for a mere lip-service on the plight of minorities, fearing upturning their political fortunes. Minority leaders themselves admit that Musharaff was a far better ruler than Zardari. However, this opinion means nothing per se. The major fact is, the vital ground scenario that things have gone ‘Horribly’out of control of the ‘fragile’ Zardari regime. This has indeed instilled morbid fear among those of cushy lifestyles In Pakistan(elite, politicians, army, bureaucrats, landlords and druglords), whose very existence is threatened to be overshadowed by the might of the Taliban. The thread of protests has been joined by various artist organisations, writers forums, NGOs,associations, societies and institutions in Pakistan against Terrorism. It is they, maybe who will bring Musharaff back as a lesser evil. Or has Mushraff —the architect –cleverly laid the plans for his return…….albeit– Op Lal Masjid that had an ominous dastardly spillover in the present day Pakistan and no one to clean the mess !

”Tamashas” mark MP election-2009 in Amritsar

:”Tamashbeeni” Amritsar Ishtyle ! Hey everyone …our Rajiv Sharma the talented newsreporter for Star Plus TV Channel has coined a beautiful Punjabi “tappa” . he pasted the comment in an entirely unrelated article to Election –2009 . However having powers of “extraction” I have posted his little piece . The little genius entertainer was a ’shaan’ of our Tribune office in Amritsar. PUNJABI TAPPA : By Rajiv Sharma AA gayian votan, te lag gaye jhande…. Votan ch kharhe hoge sare gande bande…. Ajj votan lain layi, dinde ne sharab te mithayiyan.. kal ehna to hak len layi, khane pain ge police de dande…. x…………………….x poem by Rashmi Talwar Sansadi chunav ke mahaul mein, Jutton ki bauchar mein, Naresh bhadhoria ne jutte mangvaay, Pehna haar jutton ka, Bola votron ko lootonga, Meine kaha , jutti chor hoga Kia sansad mein bhi, chori kare ga. Fir aye Sham lal, Gandhi topi wale Kettli haath mein, chai, chai pukare Meiney bola, rail garri mein ja Varna, sansad mein chai pila Bal krishan ki ayi bari, Lagane laga chappati karrari, Haath pe pani fer ke, allu bhari Bola security se , bhai pakrao gaddi niyari Us par lagonga kulcha Aur voteron pe makhan sab ka maal khau ga dunga sab ko dhakkan haathi pe aya navjot sidhu kiia capt ko sat sri akal logon ne uthaya bawal haathi pe beth kio kare, sat sri akal meiney kaha ,bhejo issi circus mein ya shaadi ke koi pandal

Is Congress-BJP Wedding answer to Peace in India ????

Instead of wasting Billions of Rupees on fighting each other, the two National Party Presidents should enter into a Matrimonial Relation for Peace in India …..Is it a good idea ?….. Comment …..

HAPPENING-AMRITSAR-LAHORE: Dhol Jageero da…Amritsar girls done it …

HAPPENING-AMRITSAR-LAHORE: Dhol Jageero da…Amritsar girls done it …